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Get Edits
Welcomes You

Do you want to become a better a writer?

We want to help.

Prof. Sean Wiebe has been a recognized literacy expert and research for more than 25 years. His work has helped thousands of students to become better writers and those students have gone on to get into the best universities, write books, win awards and become literacy experts in the own right.

Sean developed his unique approach for building better writers into a short engaging program that has helped students from around the world.


That's Get Edits. 

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The Get Edits Method

The best way to become a better writer

Targeted Learning Activites

To keep students engaged, Get Edits learning activities are short and focused on developing essential skills. The curriculum is groundbreaking both in the way it breaks literacy down into it's component skills, and in its results. Students make substantial improvement in writing ability in a single semester.

Available any time, with a live Expert

We leverage technology to enable and distribute world class education.

Get Edits writing activities can be accessed at any time, with a full problem guide and framing video to explain the context so a learner can jump right into solving them. If a learner is uncertain, or wants to discuss their approach to a problem they can attend a live video session with Prof. Wiebe and other learners.

Student Looking at Laptop

World class editing & feedback

Any good editor can give pages of notes to a writer on what to do better. 

For most writers that doesn't work.

Our editors are trained like the coaches of world champion athletes, they understand where a learner is in their literacy journey and focus on helping them implement the next new practice and adjustment that will take their writing to the next level.

It's individualized, deliberately constructive and targeted towards skills development and not to explaining what a learner did wrong. 


Peer facilitated learning

Get Edits puts learning in context. For every activity peer responses are analyzed by Prof. Wiebe. 

Students learn what other students are doing well and where their opportunities to improve. Peer learning discussion is highly effective for improving creativity and critical thinking. 

Big data, big learning

We track everything.

Unlike all other literacy programs, Get Edits is available all over the world and was developed to create and use the biggest Educational literacy learning data set in history.

What does that mean?

We measure everything, from learner engagement, to response time, to post-performance and every level of attainment. 

And we use that data for customized professional development for schools, to improve our curriculum and assessment, and to improved literacy research around the world.


Sara, Highschool Student

“My marks went up in just one semester and I finished the year with honours."
Sample Exercise: Creativity

We focus on short, highly focused activities to develop key skills

Each video is accompanied by a written guide to completing the problem.

Students can also attend a live Q&A and when they are ready they submit their answer to get individual feedback from one of our expert editors.

24 hours later we breakdown student responses to enable peer learning and give the writers new perspectives on how to develop their skills.

Sample breakdown of student responses

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